Nursing vacancy

Well, here goes! New to blogging and not sure how I ended up here but lets give it my best shot!

Actually, its no mistake that I have arrived here. Desperate for a change in direction as to where my destiny is, I made the difficult decision that a career change was definitely on the cards. Having nursed for pretty much all my life, the career is now unrecognisable from that which it started out as. The caring profession is now rarely about caring, but more often about documenting details which will go part way to assure that the said employer will not be in a position of having to pay out vast sums of compensation. All involved spend their working day looking over their shoulders watching out for potential insurance claims. Sad but true. We live in a blame culture which seeks to make every person accountable. Unfortunately, employers usually do not contribute to the safety of the workplace by being unable to provide conditions which make this even possible to carry out. Much too much money is spent on the hierarchy, leaving the workplace depleted and difficult to manage and maintain safely. On a recent visit to an NHS hospital with a relative, it was obvious that the object of the exercise of the staff was not to ensure that patients get the right diagnosis and treatment, but to get rid of the patient as soon as possible so that the bed space would be freed up. I could easily park here for a long time and write reems on the downfall of the NHS, but Im going to resist and not focus on the negative of my previous pastime.

There came a point when I realised that this was just no longer worth the stress and strain. But the point was, did I have a plan B? Yes, I most certainly did. Alongside my career, my passion was to create. Pretty much anything. I have mastered the art of sewing through the channels of experimentation. Never having been a person to shy away from anything really, I went from strength to strength. I had a love-hate relationship with bridal wear for a short time. Loving the romantic notion of being involved in creating someones special day and all the frills and flounce that was part of the masterpiece. This area of creation was snatched away quite quickly as I became aware of deadlines and the stress that accompanied these dates that were massive, particularly in the lives of imminent brides. So, sewing and creating seemed to be the obvious choice. But, and theres always a ‘but’. I had no marketing skills. I can sit and imagine and create for hour after hour, but selling was a big No No. Its very common among crafters. The qualities necessary to put love and care and attention to detail into creating an item of beauty, does not marry well with the subject of exchanging the finished item for cold hard cash. Fact. I know so many crafters and we all struggle with the subject of selling.

So, here I am. My intention is to display and hopefully sell my creations here. It will involve, over time, the addition of items I have made and are available for purchase. There will be crocheted items, sewn items, felted items, jewellery, soap and many other delights. Buying items will involve you dropping me an email and we take it from there unless, along the way, I work out an easier option

Many thanks for reading this. I am praying for success at this venture, it would mean such a lot to be able to contribute to the family finances by doing something I love so much

With all God’s Blessings


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