The futile race

This post is to someone who spends all their life trying to please someone who is unpleasable

Its the invisible prod in our tender backs, And the carrot that’s dangled all day

Its the greener grass and the sunnier banks, and the call of the sun’s bright rays

Its the quickening pulse and the lump in the throat, And the tears that must be held back,

It’s the aim to achieve at all of the cost, And the message we shouldnt relax

It’s the fear of the task that we might be asked, that we simply could not succeed,

It’s the constant rebuke of a critical glance, and the one that we just don’t need

Its that still small voice that says we can’t do, those things in our path of life,

That we’ll never achieve, and we’ll have to leave, it to those who can get it right

The reality is that God made us for more, and He knows us for who we are,

That striving to reach someone else’s ideals was never the plan from the start

So when we can see that the goal that’s not ours, but a plan to direct us wrong ways,

We can hand it to Him who knows us so well, and bask in the warmth of His gaze

For He knows the plan and it will not harm, but build us up in the faith,

And with His grace, mercy, forgiveness and love, we can follow Him all of our days


by Carol Ann Morgan

written 30th May 2014


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