French graphics

Having recently discovered a site known as Graphics Fairy, Im enthralled by the images and resources available there. My particular passion is the French Typography page which includes lots of printable images. A lot of thought and work has obviously gone into producing the images on this site and it certainly cuts out a lot of work when looking for inspiration particularly for craft use. I have used a few of the images to apply to furniture, on completion of upcycling the item. The pic shown is a little side table/TV table which was originally a wood finish. Painted with about 5 (Yes 5!) coats of Antique White chalk paint, which I mix myself in order to have a gigantic array of colour choices. Then the image on Graphics Fairy is blown up to a larger size (all instructions for this is given on the same site) and transferred to the top of the table. The resulting image is quite faint and some people might prefer to keep the image this way. But I wanted the graphics to be more bold and stand out so, painstakingly, I overpainted with the tiniest of brushes and black paint. By the way, I buy the pack of nailbrushes which are now available, and are super fine for this sort of work. It takes a bit of patience but I leeerrve the result! So pleased that I found the time to get this done. I had previously painted some room units and did the same technique, but left the images rather fainter. Ill post the photos and would love someone to tell me what they think. To leave as is, or paint over for a bolder look?


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